Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden

Created by LudiCreations

A charmingly eccentric card game about anthropomorphic vegetables for 1-2 players.

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Mr. Cabbagehead's getting packed!
7 days ago – Fri, Nov 09, 2018 at 11:53:56 PM

Greetings, LudiCrats!

Apologies to the 214 of you who have also backed Crisis, as you might read the same things posted in our recent backer update there. While the two projects are independent of each other, fulfillment is happening for both of them at the same time.

First, we would like to thank you for your patience in waiting for this update. October is a very busy time for tabletop companies, even more so for us, a small indie company. This year we are happy to have been able to add one more full-timer to our team, therefore growing by 100%!

Now, about that Mr. Cabbagehead....

Usually, we are on time. Occasionally, we are early. It's great when it happens. Sometimes, however, we are late, which is what happened here. We fully intended to fulfill at the beginning of October (so that we can again be early).

However, a series of unfortunate incidents led to us receiving our copies late. We actually received them on Wednesday of Spiel - *at Spiel* - definitely a first for us!!

Speaking of which, here is a video presenting the game, from Mr. Sanders himself:

Many thanks to Maija & H-P for filming this and so much more!

Btw, you also see a bit about Mr. Cabbagehead's Away and Neddance Saves the Day, the Spiel Special we did this year! We will be posting more about that in the future!

After having to store 2000 games more than we expected (and also making sure not to sell them), we are happy to say that Mr. Cabbagehead is effectively sold out. No copies of this print run will make it to stores. And here are your copies in their full glory at the warehouse:

Raw. Cabbage.
Raw. Cabbage.

In general, we want the games out of the warehouse as soon as possible, since it costs us to keep them stored, but we were forced to keep them a bit longer than anticipated.

We have now moved on to "fulfillment-mode", and we have been busy preparing data, printing labels, packing boxes and otherwise trying not to let anything fall through the cracks.

This isn't even their final form.

While we are confident we have done a good job with implementation of our plan, we did let communication fall through the proverbial track - and we are very sorry about that. Throughout receiving the games on Wednesday(!) of Spiel, we had a lot to juggle, and although we had a lot of help from our loyal supporters, at the end of each day we were simply exhausted. The same happened right after the show when we went to the warehouse to prepare and pack your rewards. Once more, we are very sorry.


Right after Spiel, since last week, we've been packing!

Just another day in the warehouse.
Just another day in the warehouse.

Together with the Crisis rewards to be shipped from Essen, we have about 3000 packages to send. We have been proceeding to do that by region - EU rewards and Worldwide rewards separately (because worldwide needs those pesky CN22 customs forms).

Cabbagehead has been especially challenging for us, because of the many little options and add-ons. We have had more than 100 package groups covering all sorts of combinations. A particular headache were these, and exactly how many of them to pack for those that ordered them, and how, and, and, and:

Play. Mats.
Play. Mats.

We are now about halfway through the process. We are told by our trusty warehouse people that they are on the way to finishing that next week, which is when Deutsche Post (and in some cases of bigger boxes, DHL) will be picking up. Once they have, we will post a backer update, hopefully with photos of loading them on to the truck.

Important notes:

  • All rewards will be shipped from Germany, unless we reach out to you personally (e.g. for the wooden box shipped from Dog Might).
  • Todd-in-Essen backers will receive a separate email with the material we shot with Todd in Essen.
  • Please note that your rewards may be coming in multiple packages. This will happen if you have backed for a base game and multiple add-ons that push the total size / weight above our standard 2kg package. So, if you open up your package and not everything is there, just hang on - they will follow along shortly.
  • As mentioned in the campaign page, there is no tracking (unless you contacted us and arranged something).
  • Address changes are no longer possible.
  • If you were late in submitting your address after the survey was locked down, or if you still have not done so, your package will be sent after everything else has been fulfilled.
  • Finally, a word about delivery times. Please remember that we have no control over how quickly a package is delivered. That is in the control of your local delivery service. Deutsche Post / DHL is very, very efficient about getting the games out of Germany (they do not want to store them any more than they have to), and those are then handed off to your local authorities.
A deceptively tidy and Nutella-free packing station.
A deceptively tidy and Nutella-free packing station.

Very important:

To help us help you in the most efficient way possible, to save time and to keep track of any issues, if you have any questions or if there is any trouble with your survey, please contact us with a message via the KS messaging system (and not a Facebook message / email through our website or Backerkit), and we can help you out.

Thank you once more for your patience and for your support (monetary or otherwise). We depend on your good will and your patronage to create games, and we full well know it.

We try our best, and like many other tabletop creators who are also geeks, backers, players. We know what it means to be waiting for your games. We hope you will join us in making this process as painless as possible, and we can all enjoy the fruits of the labor of many talented people! Also, Nutella.


- LC

Almost there! Surveys to be locked down! And a new Neighbour appears!
about 2 months ago – Tue, Sep 25, 2018 at 01:33:20 AM

Greetings LudiCrats!

As we are now done with approving files and just waiting for the factory to complete production, we thought this might be a good time to start on the first few steps of the fulfillment process.

In short, the rulebook, box, punchboards, bees for the deluxe edition, Todd-in-Essen postcards, burlap bags and mats for those who have ordered them are all in various stages of production, coming from at least 4 different countries and all converging at our warehouse in Essen. Expect everything to arrive by October 15, by which time we hope to get them out to you as soon as possible.

Address lockdown

To do that, we need your help. At the end of the month we will charge cards and lock addresses. This process will take place from the 28th to the 30th of September.

To make sure you do not miss anything you would like to order (e.g. bags, mats, etc.), and that we have the correct address, please visit the Backerkit survey either from the link found in your invitation email, or through this link:

Locking down your orders and addresses allows us to make sure we have the right amount of shipping boxes and packing materials in hand, and print address labels and customs forms as needed.

All rewards will be shipped by us, from our warehouse in Essen, Germany, using Deutsche Post (the german postal service), and in some cases (bigger packages) DHL. As mentioned in the campaign page, tracking is not available - if that is important to you, please contact us via the KS messaging system.

Now that this important bit has been said, let's move on to some more news!

More Neighbours!

One more piece of news that came out of the production process is that we were able to make even more material for the game! Thus, we were able to make an extra Neighbour that Todd had designed, and will make it available as a promo!

Every backer with a Deluxe copy will also receive this new promo, Maisy Ballentyne! Your Backerkit surveys have already been updated to list this.

Everyone else will also have a chance to obtain it for 5 USD. Of course, for 5 USD more you can also upgrade to a Deluxe pledge and also get the bees! The beees! The beeeeees!

Todd in Essen promo!

We have also been preparing for Todd's arrival in Essen. That's the signed postcard that is going to be really cool, but also the special Spiel neighbour, Karl Rotabagge.

This promo is included for all Todd in Essen backers, and it has already been added to your Backerkit survey (also as a reminder for us to send it to you), if you have backed at this level.

Since we are very close to charging cards and locking addresses, this is the last chance to upgrade to the “Todd in Essen” pledge which includes Karl, among other cool things.

You can also of course just add it to your pledge for 5 USD, but consider supporting Todd in his quest to visit Spiel for the first time!

Summary of pledge levels

You may be confused about what is or is not included. That's fair. If so, here's a handy summary:

$19 - Cabbagehead: Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden

$24 - Cabbagehead DELUXE: Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden + 6 custom-shaped bee wooden tokens + Maisy Ballentyne

$34 - Cabbagehead DELUXE + Todd in Essen!: Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden + 6 custom-shaped bee wooden tokens + Maisy Ballentyne + Karl Rotabagge + Signed postcard from Essen + 5 days of vlogs by Todd + Tabletopia playing session with Todd

Switching pledge levels

Changed your mind and would like to upgrade? Well now you can!

We have been asked by several backers to allow upgrading of pledge levels. To switch your pledge level from Basic to Deluxe or Todd In Essen, you can either contact us via the KS messaging system, or follow these steps.

If you have already responded to your survey:

1. Visit and type in your email address to request your survey link.

2. Check your inbox (or spam folder, if necessary) and click on the link.

3. Click on the pledge level name at the top of the page:

4. On the dialog box that pops up, click on the "Switch Pledge Levels?" link:

5. Choose your desired pledge level and click "Switch":

If you have *NOT* already responded to your survey:

1. Visit and type in your email address to request your survey link.

2. Check your inbox (or spam folder, if necessary) and click on the link.

3. Click on the "or switch your pledge level>>" link:

4. Choose your desired pledge level and click "Switch".


We will be exhibiting at Spiel, and we do expect to have a limited number of Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden there.

However, we do not expect these to last - we're only making 2000 or so, and about 1700 are gone already through the campaign - so you can easily do the math there. Note that the better part of a hundred copies will go to Todd, contributors to the game, SPIEL supporters and the occasional members of the press.

Given the above, we are fairly certain that this print run of the game will not be available through distribution. Sure, the occasional store may get it through indirect means, but we fully expect it to be sold out, to mark another glorious chapter in the Sanders Select Series. Who knows what the next one will be?

Thank you!

As ever, we can confidently say that we speak for Todd and everyone else who contributed to the game in stating how thankful we are for your support in making this weird, eccentric, unique, fun game about gardening! This is what Kickstarter is all about!

Please remember to follow us on Facebook at (or, if you are german-speaking:, as this is where we will be posting more news about our other games and expansions.

If you have any questions or if there is any trouble with your survey, please contact us with a message via the KS messaging system (not a Facebook message / email through our website or Backerkit), and we can help you out.


- LC

Mr. Cabbagehead's Smoke Test (& Survey & Playmat & Bag & Bundles)
3 months ago – Fri, Aug 24, 2018 at 11:31:26 PM

Greetings, LudiCrats!

We are happy to announce that with the rulebooks proofread, components ordered, and production now underway, we are ready to release the survey into the wild.

We also have good news regarding the cost of the playmat and the bag. It has significantly dropped, and even more so if you get a bundle - read on for more.

The Smoke Test

A subset of backers (about 5%) will get it first, as a "smoke test" that Backerkit does to root out any errors. Then, 24 hours later, everyone else will get the email inviting them to the survey.

So, if you do not have it in your inbox right now, just give it a day. By Saturday it should be in everyone's inbox. If it is not, please check your spam folder.

After Saturday, you can always have the email re-sent to yourself or check your survey response through this page:

If you use Facebook to log in to Kickstarter, you will receive the survey to the email you use with Facebook.

You don’t need to create a BackerKit account to fill out your survey. When you receive the email with the survey, click the survey link to respond. Answer the questions about your reward preferences, provide shipping information, and purchase add-on items if you like.

Remember, you can change your address all the way to right before we lock them down in October (there will be an update to warn you about this), so please complete the survey as soon as you receive the link.

If you are not sure about your address, then simply do not complete your address until you are.

The Playmat

We can now give you a first look of the Playmat!

What you are looking at is a 400 x 300 mm mat made out of e-leather. That's a material that is thinner, lighter and with more texture than e.g. the neoprene you might see in a mousepad. We chose this because of those properties, so that the experience of playing on it is the least "artificial" possible. I.e. you should not have to feel like you are playing on a mousepad.

Given that we budgeted for a more expensive option, we are then now able to offer the playmat for a much lower cost to you. Instead of $24, it will be $15

The shipping cost for the playmat is 2$ and we decided not to include it in the price because in larger orders this cost is waved (do not worry about how to do that, the pledge manager calculates the cost automatically). For example, if you order 2 small games (3 games if you are outside of USA/EU), we can include up to 4 playmats in the parcel for the same $2 that it costs to send 1. Although this sounds a bit more complicated than including the shipping cost in the price, in the end it is more fair for everyone, than it would be to charge 17$ for each playmat.

Note that since the playmat has a 6 x 3 structure, you may have to move cards around until the final garden plot is decided by your planting of the 6th column and 3rd row. Alternatively, you can play on it the official "expert" variant, where you simply consider those 18 slots as fixed and final - the limits of the plot are decided at the beginning.

Also note, the playmat is for 1 player. In a game for 2 players you would need two playmats. For a way to get two playmats, read on below to the bundles section.

The Bag

And now to the second piece of good news. After no less than 4 prototypes (combinations of color and material), we have come to the one we are happy with:

This here bag is 90 x 125 mm and it looks and feels great! We also received rougher, more "authentic" burlap, but as some backers pointed out in the comments, natural oil may seep from this material which may stain the cardboard tokens within.

However, we did not want to settle for just any normal bag. So, we asked for a new sample, and we were rewarded with something that is just right. It looks like burlap, and it feels rougher than normal cloth bags, while still the inside will not ruin the contents.

In addition, much like it happened with the playmat, the cost for the bag was not as high as we anticipated. So, instead of $5-$9, it will be $5. And that includes shipping worldwide.

Keep in mind that we will be making a limited number of bags - the nature of making it with printed graphics, from China, means that we are not likely to make this again anytime soon - so if you want one of these, now is the time to get them.

You only need one bag, regardless if you play with 1 or 2 players.

The Bundles!

Realizing that you would need two playmats to deluxify your 2-player games, we decided that we would make it easier for you to make it easier for us to order more. Once we did that, we also decided to make a bundle for those who primarily play solo. Therefore, we can now offer the following through the survey:

Bundle 1 (for solo games): Playmat & Bag for $17 (instead of $20)

Bundle 2 (for 2-player games): 2 Playmats & Bag for $29 (instead of $35)

Please remember to follow us on Facebook at (or, if you are german-speaking:, as this is where we will be posting more news about our other games and expansions.

If you have any questions or if there is any trouble with your survey, please contact us with a message via the KS messaging system (not a Facebook message / email through our website or Backerkit), and we can help you out.


- LC

Time for Mr. Cabbagehead to get to work!
6 months ago – Thu, May 31, 2018 at 01:27:52 AM

Greetings, LudiCrats!

On behalf of Todd and everyone else who worked hard to bring Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden to Kickstarter, thank you!

We are so very glad to have your support as we make ever-stranger games. Yes, we occasionally make something a bit more mainstream, but we truly delight in making games that nobody else would.

It is still astounding that we are able to find anyone to help us do it, but 23 campaigns later, it keeps happening.

So, thank you, really, thank you. Thank you for creating art with us, and thank you for giving your attention (and a few dollars) to indie games like this one. You make us and Todd very happy, and it looks like Todd is coming to Spiel!

If you would like to get more copies, or even upgrade to the "Todd-in-Spiel" edition, you will be able to do so through Backerkit, the post-campaign pledge management system. We will be posting an update about that soon!

We leave you a few pictures from Mr. Sanders' Garden, the real thing, where Todd makes other beautiful (and tasty) things grow!

 We hope that Todd's neighbours are not too envious of this...

 OK, these are not vegetables, but that's beauty right there!


- LC

6 months ago – Tue, May 29, 2018 at 02:10:19 AM

Greetings, LudiCrats!  

Much like gardening season having started in much of the world, so has Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden continued to bloom!

Many thanks to you who joined Todd in Erie, PA, it was awesome to see support IRL for MCG, in addition to the love you are showing the game here on KS.

We have some great news. You asked, and we listened. We have decided to not only go for one crazy idea, but both crazy ideas you have been asking for. And we even have one from us!

Crazy idea #1: Bag it!

First up, the bag. From the beginning we wanted a bag for Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden, to go beyond the Print & Play's "flip & shuffle" of the Neighbour tokens. However, the budget was simply not there, not if we wanted to keep the high-end linen-finish cards & thick cardboard throughout.

But, there was a brilliant idea somewhere in the comments section, about a mini burlap sack. So, we asked our suppliers, and this is.... something that they can do! Specifically, with a screenprinted 4-colour print that will make this unique enough to accompany your gardening adventures.

The above is just a photoshopped image - we are still waiting for a sample, so we do not yet know if it will have a drawstring, or what the exact print will be, so please bear with us while we figure it out.

However, we do know that it will be expensive to do, and there needs to be a minimum order. We figure we will take the risk for a few hundred, but we need you to help us cover the cost. Not knowing how many of these would sell is a big issue, and we do not want to complicated the campaign with another 3 pledge levels, so this will be an add-on.

We struggled with the cost we would set for it, but we found a formula that will help us manage the risk:

  • Backers at the "Cabbagehead" 19 USD level will be able to add the custom-printed burlap sack for 9 USD.
  • Backers at the upper levels will be able to add the custom-printed burlap sack for 5 USD.

Yes, we are basically using some of the Deluxe edition's bee money to also provide the sack. By pledging at the Deluxe & Todd in Essen levels, you are already helping us make this, and this is why you get it at a discount. Shipping costs are *included* in these amounts.

We hope that it will not cost us much more to ship this together with the game, but since we will not know of its weight until it is made, we have to take on that risk ourselves. 

Important: Do not add this amount to your pledge! Please add it during the post-campaign survey through Backerkit! It will be charged together with the game's shipping cost, which remains at the subsidized level of 5 USD, worldwide.

Needless to say, even if any part of the game's already-limited print run makes it to any store, it will be without this sack. It will not be in the box.

Crazy idea #2: Field of dreams

Now then, about that playmat.

There is a bit of a challenge in making the playmat for Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden. Specifically, this is the sandbox nature of the game, which allows you to define the limits of the garden yourself, after you have decided on the position of the 3 rows and 6 columns.

This means that the play area is flexible, which is in turn why the Tabletopia playmat has 6 rows and 12 columns - to let you play the game without tedious moving of cards if you run out of space.

However, we could not make such a playmat - it would be unnecessarily expensive and large. Luckily, it is much easier to move cards in real life than in Tabletopia. So, we decided to go with the 3 x 6 plan. Another benefit is that you can now increase the difficulty by simply using the playmat as a pre-defined garden grid!

We are still deciding the material, but whether that is neoprene or leather-like, rest assured we will take great care to choose the best one for this mat!

As a more traditional print product, we can more easily print the playmat. It will be available for 24 USD as a post-campaign add-on for all backers. Shipping is included! 

Important: Do not add this amount to your pledge! Please add it during the post-campaign survey through Backerkit! It will be charged together with the game's shipping cost, which remains at the subsidized level of 5 USD, worldwide.

Also, please do not expect this to be available afterwards, other than us selling off any remaining pieces directly and/or at conventions.

Crazy idea #3: Ultra-deluxe wooden box

For some, games are much more than a way to spend a pleasant evening with friends. For others, games are art. We think of them this way, and we see the expression of that art as both a beautifully-illustrated object with quality components *and* the sum of the creative efforts of the game's designer in constructing a set of rules that entertains and challenges the player.

There is only so much we can do about the ruleset (other than pick it apart during development, as we did for Cabbagehead), but there are definitely a lot of things we can do with the components. We thought we had, we thought there was not much more we could add, beyond the burlap sack and playmat mentioned above. We truly did.

Along came Dogmight, and blew that up right open. Some crazy viking woodworker there clearly took a liking to Mr. C, and came up with a slightly disturbing, yet impeccably hand-made ultra deluxe box. Backers, allow us to present their work:

Yup, this is quite something. This box is going to be close to the size of the game box and features the almost-not-quite-weird-but-still-disconserning features of Mr. Cabbagehead himself.

The game components will fit inside, and we will make sure to send a prototype to them before they produce your boxes.

Dogmight will also be engraving them with a number, starting with #2 (#1 is for Todd, natch), going by backer number. So, the earlier you have backed the campaign, the lower number you will have. They will also be made and sent out in that order.

The cost for making this is 85 USD, and we have created a new pledge level that includes it and the Deluxe edition. You will also be able to get it as an add-on, but at some point we may have to stop offering it, so that they can make them. The only way to guarantee getting one is to upgrade your pledge to the "Cabbagehead Prestige Box" level. In the pledge manager you will be able to choose which version of Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden you would like (basic / Deluxe / Todd in Essen) to receive.

Shipping costs for the box will be charged *after the campaign* and will be as follows:

  • USA: 12 USD
  • Canada: 25 USD
  • Other countries: 35 USD

Note that this will be shipped from the USA, separately from the game, as the boxes are hand-made individually, with love, in Ann Arbor, MI:

That's all for today, fellow LudiCrats. You will probably have some questions about these. No worries, just send us a direct message via the KS messaging system and we will help you out!


- LC